Can A Lead Generation Company Actually Get You More Leads?

December 9th, 2012 by Wade Schlosser on Online Lead Generation 0 Comments

We’re working on a project with a client that was having little success in driving in leads and phone calls.  They were blindly spending money on marketing campaigns and didn’t have a system to track ROI.
  So they decided to work with a lead generation company like us.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in their shoes before.

Spending tons of money on online marketing with less than satisfying results.

The truth is online marketing is a proven way for your business to:

  • Increase Number of Leads Acquired.
  • Reduce Cost Per Lead Acquired.
  • Increase Overall Profit Margins.

Here’s what you need to do in order to get a boost of 700% in leads acquired like our client experienced.

  1. Improve your CRM tracking – We helped retrain the sales & marketing team on a new CRM tool to closely follow conversations with prospects and monitor close ratios.  It’s essential that your team is doing the best job nurturing the leads coming in so you’re not wasting money on them.
  2. Set up analytics for your website and phone calls – If you’re not properly tagging web pages with website analytics (such as Google Analytics), then you won’t know what your best value marketing asset is.
    We discovered that for our client, phone-in leads were more valuable than simple online form fill leads.  So we had to be able to track the leads back to the Google Adwords campaign that got them to call in the first place.  We did this by setting up a unique 866 phone number that was based on the Google campaign keyword phrase that triggered the caller’s visit. Ultimately you must set up analytics so you can determine which campaigns you’re running are responsible for the leads you’re bringing in. We assisted our client in setting up reporting dashboards so they were able to get an unobstructed view of all traffic sources. We paid attention to what cross channel marketing initiatives were working and what weren’t.  This gave them a 360 degree view of their marketing efforts so they were able to shed unnecessary marketing efforts that weren’t producing good leads.
  3. Design landing pages around your core strengths - One of the key components for great lead generation is allowing the strength of your landing pages to convert visitors into leads.  We worked hand-in-hand with the marketing team to develop high converting landing pages to direct specific campaigns to.  We then conducted A/B split tests on these pages to determine winners so we knew what the strengths of the campaign were.  One of the most important things to building a lead generation company is to understand that all the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if you’re not converting. So test, test, test.
  4. Begin Targeted Pay Per Click – One of the biggest problems our client was running into was their paid campaigns and adgroups were unorganized from a previous company.  This not only caused them to lose money, but miss out on a lot of opportunity as well.  We came in and helped manage their PPC campaigns using our proprietary bid management system ensuring they received maximum clicks/conversions ratios.  By refining their adgroups from the data we collected we were able to drive the quality score of their ads up and the cost of clicks went down.  Secondly, we set up aggressive ad testing to increase the CTR and produce more clicks, which resulted in more leads.  Our client needed to meet operational costs and had to capitalize on local business.  This was only made possible through proper ad scheduling and the use of geo-targeted ads to drive in leads.  Furthermore make sure to have a negative keyword list so you don’t receive extra impressions. You don’t want your ads showing up in unrelated searches.  Not only is it a waste of money, it can also hurt your quality score with adwords.

TIP: A real simple rule of thumb: When you are running two competing ads, you need 30 – 50 responses to declare a winner.  If one is doing far better than the other, then you can be fairly sure around 15 actions.

The end result?

Not only was our client able to increase the number of leads acquired by 700% they also were able to reduce the cost of lead acquisition by 66% and increase their profit margins by 76%!

The idea here is that testing is an imperative way to harvest good leads. If you don’t have the ability to test how your marketing efforts are paying out, it’s like target shooting in the dark.

A good lead generation company knows the importance of split testing, identifying what channels produce and identifying unbalances and re-focusing attention on more profitable methods.

There’s quite a bit to know about online marketing.

That’s why Forward Leap Marketing always focuses on the areas that need improvement and has a data-driven approach to improve every facet of your marketing efforts.

Do you have any questions about what how we were able to help our client?

We’d love to hear from you and what you think about this small case study in the comments below.

I'm the CEO of Forward Leap Marketing. I love creating and contributing to companies' strategies to invoke raving fan customers that ultimately drive significant bottom line results through targeted web traffic, value-added partnerships, and must have products. Please connect with me on Twitter, Google +, and Linkedin.

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