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Do You Know These 10 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Today.

January 11th, 2013 by Wade Schlosser on Online Lead Generation, Online Marketing 0 Comments

It’s safe to say that lead generation is one of the most important parts of your online marketing strategy.

I know you’ve read that before, but we’re running into a disturbing, and all too common  misconception here at Forward Leap Marketing…just about everyday. It’s like a weird case of deja-vu with some of our new clients. Every time we’ve built a series of landing pages for clients; some just don’t get that landing page are one of the most important aspects of your online marketing efforts. They keep allowing their emotions to take over instead of attempting to make decisions that are better based in science. They want their sites to look like the competitors, complete with all the useless bells and whistles. As marketers…we know WHY this keeps happening, but we stand firm knowing that by putting tools in place to measure past and present data, you can’t rely on aesthetics and what “you think will work.”

You have to rely on results.

It’s sad that their are so many marketers out there who propose launching only one landing page…who don’t rely on A/B testing…who won’t take the time to test all of the elements that increase conversion.

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5 Things To Consider When Looking For A Lead Generation Agency

December 23rd, 2012 by Wade Schlosser on Online Lead Generation, Online Marketing 0 Comments

The numbers are in.

Investing in Internet marketing is one of the best ways to find quality leads and generate great revenue.

I’m sure it might feel like you’re being beaten over the head with the mantra… that the Internet is the future of commerce.

Well that club needs to keep beating.

Here’s why. Content marketing is hot right now. 80% of b2b and high-value consumer purchasing decisions being researched well before being made.

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The Single Best Mortgage Marketing Idea For Acquiring Leads Online

December 5th, 2012 by Wade Schlosser on Financial Lead Generation, Online Marketing 3 Comments

“What’s the best online mortgage marketing technique that I can use to grow my mortgage company?”

It’s a question that I hear quite frequently.

If you want to know the answer to that question, allow me to talk about fishing for a second.

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Lead-Gen Affiliate Management Marketing w/ [Webinar]

December 4th, 2012 by Wade Schlosser on Online Marketing 0 Comments

Here is a snippet of an amazing affiliate management webinar with a lot of lively discussion from some of the industries best lead generation companies.  We take a behind the scenes look at affiliate program marketing with exclusive members.

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