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Marketing your tax firm online is a highly-specialized task that can be very expensive and time -consuming and most often doesn’t work when not at scale. We do all the marketing and connect you with people who need your help, making it easier to find new clients and grow your business. Our pricing is fixed at an affordable cost per lead, so you can manage your business better.

You only pay for the leads you receive! No hefty agency fees and media costs.

How it Works


People shopping for tax services online fill out our lead forms to receive quotes.


We match these people with tax service providers based on our AI algorithms in real-time.


We monitor the close rates, CPA, and ROAS for all of our clients and optimize for performance daily.

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Tax Relief Leads

$10,000+ in Back Taxes

Tax Relief Calls

$10,000+ in Back Taxes

Tax Attorney Leads

Bookkeeping Leads

Forward Leap Marketing leads are the fastest way to grow your business’s revenue overnight. Online tax relief leads have proved especially valuable as more and more people searching online for professional help.

Why You Should Grow Your Business With Our Leads



Setting up your own marketing campaigns takes a lot of time and money. We do large-scale marketing across every channel so we can pass savings on to you.



Unlike direct mail and print advertising, online tax leads have more consistent flow and keep your sales representatives productive and efficient.



Our performance is predictable which helps our clients manage their cashflow more effectively. You can also control the volume of leads you receive per day.


Risk-Free Scalability

You can scale your business without investing in hefty agency fees & media dollars that often don’t deliver results. We take all the risk and run our media at massive scale - figuring out what works and doesn’t on at our expense.


Who We Are

We're the largest tax lead provider in the United States. Since 2015, Forward Leap Marketing has established strong relationships with many of large tax companies across the nation. We value putting people above profits and focus on having an overall positive impact, which includes our clients, employees, partners and consumers looking for tax help.

We also pride ourselves is helping the little guy and support individual Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys. Our office is in Irvine, CA; the technology hub of Southern California. We offer tax leads and calls of various types from as diverse as tax attorney leads, tax relief leads to small business bookkeeping leads.

What Separates Our Products From the Rest?

Validation IQ

Our validation technology is one of the most sophisticated in the industry – we deliver leads that have passed multiple filters of validation that include looking at 100s of data points and multiple AI algorithmic scoring that results in a pass or fail status.

Performance IQ

Our industry leading quality monitoring platform closely monitors which campaigns are producing the highest quality leads and which aren’t; this helps us make data-driven decisions that are highly informed and accurate.

Lead IQ

We have many types of leads for every type of business and budget, some leads are exclusive, while others are shared at a more affordable and lower CPL. Our objective is to make every lead yield maximum return on investment for our clients.

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How Forward Leap Marketing Leads Are Different

As the preferred customer acquisition platform for the modern tax service provider, Forward Leap Marketing monitors our customers close rates in order to optimize their results. We realize the only way to grow our business is by giving our clients incredible value.

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