4 Winning Adwords Strategies That Will Increase Mortgage Leads…Guaranteed.

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PPC advertising is perhaps the highest closing ratio method way of generating mortgage leads.

Paid search advertising helps to convert Internet users into warm traffic, that turns them into leads, and moves them down the sales pipeline and turns them into closed sales. It’s one of the essential building blocks to a mortgage leads system.

If you’re not already using Google Adwords (our recommended PPC platform) then you need to start as soon as you possibly can.  If you are using Adwords, we’d like to take a moment to share with you some essentials to making great use of your PPC ad campaigns.

The Pay Per Click  Strategies That Produce Profitable Business Growth.

Even though services like Google Adwords have existed for quite a few years, the truth is most who use the services on their own aren’t maximizing the use of their advertising dollar.

Below are  easy to follow techniques that you need to implement in your PPC campaigns.   In all our years of experience running and managing PPC campaigns, making these fundamental changes are guaranteed methods to quickly help  increase the number of leads you acquire and close.


  1. Start using local PPC –mortgage leadsIt’s estimated that one fifth of all search performed in 2011 was local.What this means is that 1 in 5 people hitting the search bars are taking location into account when performing research on purchases. This is good news for you, because by targeting local markets in your PPC ads you can occupy the top position for such searches. This is especially important because according to Justin Croxton, owner and founder of Que Commerce:

    “There is a huge information gap, where experts and agencies that know this stuff understand what goes into being established in local search engines and what it takes to rank high, but businesses don’t. It’s not just about manipulating search engines, its adding value to clients and customers and ensuring the world knows about it.”As you can see it’s essential that you take to creating local PPC ads sooner than later so you can dominate the local search space.
  2. Start using negative keywords – It’s not very often using something negative in turns out to be a positive. However, the use of negative keywords in PPC advertising is a huge benefit for both cost reduction for ad spending…as well as increasing ROI. Negative keywords allow you to advertise only to the people who are looking for you ad. For instance, if you’re advertising for cash-out refinance loans you’d include negative keywords like “cash in,” or “Government refinance,” so that when people search for these types of loans, you don’t have to pay to advertise to them. The use of negative keywords is essential to filtering yourself out of search results you don’t want to end up on. However, you must be careful how you use them, too many negative keywords used and you might not show up on any search results. Where as if you don’t use negative keywords that it can hurt your keywords quality score which would adversely affect your Adwords ROI. Additionally, negative keywords don’t prevent your ad from showing up on all unrelated search results… but it does help significantly improve the quality of the impression you’re ads make.For a detailed tutorial Google has set up a video on how to create mortgage leads using Negative keywords
  3. Direct PPC ads to ad specific landing pages –
    One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when constructing mortgage lead systems with PPC ads, is not directing visitors to a product specific landing pages.If you direct customers to your companies homepage, you stand a greater chance of losing them as a prospective lead. Here’s why. Your homepage has way too much going on to be a great place to turn a visitor into a lead.When someone clicks a PPC ad, your objective is to get them to have them give you information, not let them get information from you. Which is why landing pages are the perfect mechanism to make this happen.Here are some tips on how to make landing pages that will increase conversion.Get rid of all navigation – Essentially you want to trap your visitor where the only option for them to get off the page is have them fill out a form, or click X and close the page.  Bear in mind this isn’t to manipulate the user, but you must be able to capture relevant info quickly (e-mail, name, phone #) or else the effort of your PPC ad is squandered.Have a clear all to action –If you want the person who just landed on your landing page to cough up for their info…tell them to cough it up! . Calls to action are one of the most overlooked components to acquiring leads, but make sure they know the benefit that is implicit to giving up their information.Avoid the disconnect – If your landing page doesn’t correlate to what the PPC ad offered, then visitors will be put off and won’t do business with you.  Nothing is worse than being “sold” on A but getting B instead. Don’t rely on misleading PPC ads to generate business…. because it won’t.
    Bonus tip:
    Match your landing page’s call to action to its headline (Refinance, VA Loans, California FHA Loan) so visitors truly understand what they’re getting. Also, this will increase your “quality score” which will get you more clicks for cheaper.

  4. Know your As and Bs –It’s time to become like your high school teacher. Start testing everyday. A/B split testing is an absolute essential to the health and wealth of your PPC campaign. Fortunately for you it’s much easier to split test today than it has ever been before. Services like (Unbounce, Optimizelty, and Google Content Experiments) allow for quick testing and provide you with instant feedback on your design implementation.Testing allows you to determine what is working, why it’s working, and then scale the elements that are bringing you success across your PPC campaign.As crazy as it sounds, sometimes it’s the difference between one word, or the position of a form, or the wrong color that can change results dramatically. But you’ll never know if you don’t test. And test again. And, continue testing.Unlike direct mail and direct marketing methods, online testing is cheap and often provides you with near instant results so you can react quickly and build more intelligent ad campaigns that bring elevate your income.Since poorly run PPC campaigns can run you in the red, split testing is the perfect solution to help elevate income levels.

Don’t Hesitate, Implement These Strategies Today!

Because the search market is going to become increasingly competitive it’s important that you make start using these tips starting today

These overlooked concepts are simple to implement, and are proven ways to increase return on your initial investment.

Which of these winning strategies do you plan to use to increase the number of mortgage leads you receive?

Please tell us in the comments below.

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