Lead Types

Lead Types – Get the mortgage leads you want and how you want them

Forward Leap Marketing is a sophisticated lead generation company with a different approach towards marketing. We prefer to work closely with our partners to ensure you get leads tailored to your business – not leads you don’t need.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Our exclusive leads are never re-sold. This means they’re yours from start to finish, no need to worry about another marketer attempting to close them out from under your feet. Since we never settle for anything less than the best we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the close rations you get from our Exclusive Mortgage Leads. To start receiving qualified and Exclusive Mortgage Leads today, contact us!

Non-Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Our Non-Exclusive Mortgage Leads are amazingly cost effective. Others may resell their leads over and over again to the point of exhaustion, we’ll never do that, our maximum resell is just 4 times. Each lead that we resell has still been pre-screened and verified before it hits your phone lines. Plus, all of these leads have been procured from our proprietary lead generation process. All leads of interest have been vetted by us and are dependably closable. We have an intricate process built out to ensure you’re not getting a dead-end leads when you answer the phone.To start receiving qualified Non-Exclusive Mortgage Leads today, contact us today.

Live Transfer Mortgage Leads

Our Live Transfer Mortgage Leads have some of the highest close rates in the industry. These inbound leads are amazing because on the other end of our phone is someone who wants and needs what you offer. On top of that, they’ve been triple verified, and have been directed to your loan officers phone line because they’ve proven themselves interested in your products and services based on the criteria you decide. To start receiving qualified Live Transfer Mortgage Leads today, contact us.

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