Uncovering the Most Effective Internet Lead Generation Tactics

November 12th, 2012 by Wade Schlosser on Online Lead Generation 0 Comments

Finding good leads seems to always be a problem, but why is that? Internet lead generation is far more efficient and more effective at creating revenue than its traditional counter-parts. In this post we unravel what the best methods of lead generation and the latest data on which channels companies are moving their marketing dollars to.

The Research Division just finalized nearly a year long research study that surveyed over 200,000 companies with inside sales departments. There were 608 respondents with 350 inside sales managers and 258 inside sales reps.

Top Problems of Inside Sales Managers

  1. Finding Good Leads = 56.9% of inside sales managers ranked this the number one problem.
  2. Hiring the Right People = 48.3% ranked this number two.
  3. Making Sure Information is Reported Correctly = 41.4% ranked this number three.
  4. Properly Training Reps = 36.0% chose this as number four.
  5. Compensating Sales Agents = 20.9% made this top problem number five.
  6. Employee Turnover = 14.0% made this number six.
  7. Using the Right Equipment = 9.4% chose this number seven.

The Solution

Where are you in your marketing lifecycle? For example, if you are just starting out you may not want to go after social media right away, because it hasn’t proved to be that effective and it is relatively time consuming to do. Marketing Sherpa has evaluated which internet lead generation channels to help you identify the optimal multichannel mix.

Secondly, we recommend that you take a look at where the industry is going with their internet lead generation spending. Website optimization, social media, SEO and Content marketing are the top 4 fastest growing trends. We believe this to be the case because there are better technologies, cheap overseas labor, and more systems teaching us how to properly execute these tactics. Furthermore, this shift is more towards “customer centric” personalized marketing. Which if you think about it, people want to do business with other people.

Over the next coming months we will share with you some incredible trends per industry. For example, what is hot in mortgage, insurance and education internet marketing.  Even more importantly…How to do it for your company. The time is now to start investing in these internet lead generation tactics before the competition gets to tough and your market slows (The refinance boom will end). Pick one and go for it!

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