Tax Debt Leads

You have heard it before from all of the tax lead vendors. Their agents are getting good closing ratios, real-time lead delivery, great customer service, and they don’t use gimmicky marketing tricks….blah blah blah

What if we could show you our proprietary method for generating quality tax debt leads so you can rely less on the scammy lead generation companies?

How do we generate great tax debt leads…

  • Making consumers so comfortable – they will happily give you their information to over the internet.
  • Placing your ads in the right spot to attract serious consumers ready to take care of their IRS Tax Debt. (Not all sources are created equal. We’ve tested hundreds of ads, so we know which spots are best.)
  • Scientifically testing landing pages and creative to maximize the number of quality consumers you generate
  • And much, much more.


If this sounds interesting, then contact us for a confidential discussion.

  • At the end of the day it is all about the Results!

    Sales by Month

    “Wade and his team helped grow our sales by 600% within 5 months.”

    - Alexander, Head of Online Marketing at