4 Tips on Closing Your Tax Debt Leads

September 28th, 2015 by Susanna Virgilio on Online Lead Generation 0 Comments

So you’re a tax debt resolution company, and you have the Glen Garry tax debt leads. Does your sales floor close those leads?

Acquiring tax debt leads is a big part of the equation; however, having a sales floor that knows how to convert your leads is vital.

Understanding the details of how the company operates is one thing, but closing that lead requires more than simply knowing the facts.

We have compiled our top 4 tips for a sales team looking to close more leads. We have worked with 100s of clients and have seen the mistakes but also the higher conversion rates associated with using the following tips for your sales floor.

Don’t you think it’s time to increase your conversion rate and turn your tax debt leads into customers?

1. Share your value proposition. (Check out this video on value proposition)

We feel your pain – consumers automatically start to withdraw once they hear the fees associated (“Sigh, it’s not free…”).

But that cannot be the point where you let them go. Make sure they understand the benefit associated with that fee.

What will it be worth to them – the time saved, ensuring their debt resolution is done correctly, and the convenience of knowing someone else is doing this for them.

If consumers don’t understand what they’re paying for or why, they are much more likely to walk away without looking back.

Even if they need time to think before signing on the dotted line, the more they know what your company can do for their tax debt situation, the more likely they are to give further, and serious, consideration.

2. Mirror your conversation. Try to get a good read on the consumer. Are they energetic and peppy? Or are they subdued and to-the-point?

It goes a far way to be able to mirror the person you’re speaking with.

We find it makes customers feel more comfortable in the conversation.

Comfort leads to trust. A consumer is more likely to make a purchase or sign a contract if they trust the company.

3. Avoid being too much of a joker. Sometimes you can get too comfortable in a conversation and take a step too far to ruin the deal.

Laughing at the consumer – whether they misunderstood you or what they’re saying is hard to believe – is too far.

No matter the reason, simply put, it’s not cool to have someone you don’t know laugh at you, especially if you were thinking about paying them for something.

A joke taken too far can prevent trust and break a deal.

4. Be empathetic. Many of the consumers you’re speaking with have come upon difficult financial times. We have discovered that it helps to show understanding

Some leads may want to talk about their problems or explain themselves. If they do, it can help to be show that you care.

This also factors into the trust level. If the consumer realizes that you understand and want to help them, that can bring you so much closer to conversion.

Your tax debt leads mostly all have stories; take the time to listen.


Closing a sale is not an easy task; there is so much to keep in mind. And every sale is different. But we think that if you keep these 4 tips in mind your sales team will close more leads.


What tips would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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