[Interview] Affiliate Marketing Software DirectTrack Believes They’ve Changed The Game

January 9th, 2013 by Wade Schlosser on Affiliate Programs 0 Comments

Let’s be honest…What is the “REAL” difference between all of these affiliate marketing softwares? Jeff Stevens from Direct track answers 3 quick questions with Forward Leap Marketing about how their Newly Launched – DirectTrack X platform helps lead generation advertisers and publishers maximize their online marketing efforts.

1. Are there any new tools to help maximize which sources produce the best leads?

Answer:  Absolutely. We focused a great deal of research and development into enhanced optimization tools and reports.  Regardless of the traffic source being used to drive users to lead forms (e.g. search, display, social, affiliate, etc.), utilizing DirectTrack ad rotators allows our clients to split test a rotation of banners and/or txt links and A/B split test landing pages at the same time.  The result of such efforts ensures that the highest performing banner or ad copy marries with the highest performing landing page.  Any high volume lead program may have a handful of lead generation efforts being run at any given time. DirectTrack allows for easy setup of revenue goals, conversation rate goals, and targeting metrics across all channels – and once the campaign is launched DT will ensure that each channel is being optimized individually for maximum lead conversion.

2. Are there any new features that help prevent fraud?

Answer:  Yes, both proactive and reactive measures have been built and enhanced to address the latest fraudulent trends found within performance marketing and lead generation.  One of the most widely used proactive fraud tools is the proprietary DirectTrack fraud database.  This database includes detailed data for all affiliates or “sources” that have been flagged as fraudulent by any DirectTrack client over the last 10 years.  It’s widely considered the longest running and largest singular fraud database in the performance marketing industry.  Our new platform provides easier and more granular access to this data to ensure that, proactively, all clients receive red flag notifications on affiliates and partners BEFORE they gain access to live campaigns.

DirectTrack reactive prevention was built to address fraud that occurs midstream after a lead or performance program launches.   Traffic trending reports, Interface Login alerts, Conversion Rate Threshold flags, and Earnings Per Click (EPC) flags are great examples of four new fraud measures that allow clients to recognize fraud in real-time and take immediate action before revenue, reputation, or client relationships are affected.

3. Are there any new features that would help earn the affiliates more money by going with you? Optimizing their creative for them?

Answer:  Every inch of our platform was built using a decade of client user data and direct client feedback.  This new launch is far and away the largest undertaking in our company’s history and we wanted to be sure that all DirectTrack clients and industry affiliates working with our clients received immediate benefit from launch, day one.  There are truly too many things to list in this one short answer… but key revenue generation factors such as enhanced tracking, optimization tools, real-time data intelligence, and new features built specifically for emerging channels such as mobile and social all lend to a platform that will provide an upgrade to all players in performance marketing.

To learn more or ask questions – please do not hesitate to contact Jeff directly at Be sure to mention Forward Leap Marketing. I promise you will not be disappointed :-)

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