Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you collect with your leads?

We are one of the few companies that have tested the marketing message and fields on dozens of websites with tens of thousands of leads. Essentially, we gather every bit of information that allows you to work up a quote while getting the most high quality leads without effecting volume.

Are your leads exclusive?

Yes, we do offer an exclusive lead product.

How fresh are your leads?

Short answer: very fresh. Forward Leap Marketing delivers leads in real time. Our unique ‘always on’ lead delivery system sends new leads to your computer faster than via e-mail and even notifies you when they arrive; this allows you to contact new prospects moments after they’ve completed our lead form.

Where are your leads coming from?

We only buy Tier 1 traffic. Pay Per Click (Google, MSN, Yahoo), Mobile, and Affiliate Marketing directly to our websites. IMPORTANT NOTE: We get weekly close and contact ratios from most clients so we can focus on the best performing marketing campaigns quickly. Nobody is doing this as consistently and effectively as we are. Call today to review our websites.

How will I receive my leads?

We can deliver in almost any format you wish. The most common are directly into your CRM (LeadsROI, Leads360, LeadMailbox, etc), email, daily batches, and direct calls.

What does it cost?

We offer very cost effective leads. Our lead price is based on the base price of the lead plus the cost of any filters you apply. Contact us to tell us what types of leads you need and we will give you a quick quote.

When do I pay?

You pre-pay for your leads by charging a deposit amount on your credit card. As you receive leads, your credit card is automatically charged when you reach 75 percent of that deposit amount in leads purchased. In all cases you only pay for the leads that meet your criteria.

Do you give out Free Leads?

We don’t believe in giving out free leads. Giving out free leads isn’t a business model and doesn’t give you enough data to make an informed decision. We do our best to provide you as much information about our sites, our reputation, and experience to show you that we are fit to be your partner.

How does your direct phone call leads work?

A customer comes to our website interested in a loan. We show them a unique phone number next to our forms. If they choose to call…Then that call is directly routed to you and is tracked in your account. These phone call leads are all exclusive and have very high close ratios.

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